Zombie, Undead, Wight
Zombie (Golden Sun)Undead (Golden Sun)Wight (Golden Sun)
From Left to Right: Zombie, Undead, Wight
First appearance Golden Sun
Appearances Golden Sun
Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Location(s) Forests, Caves
Attack method All:Unspecified Physical Attack (likely using claws, going by animation).
Undead and Wight: Decompose(Exerts a foul-smell).
Wight:Rotten Blood (Throws Toxic Blood)
Effective weapon(s) Swords, Psynergy

The Zombie Line is one of the Monster Lines to appear in Golden Sun.


Zombies are one of the first Monsters to Appear and as such, are not very tough. Noteworthy, Flint (The Djinn encountered upon leaving Vale) Uses a Zombie to demonstrate the powers of his race. They are Identified by their reddish-colored skin. These Enemies only appear in the Original Golden Sun.

Undead are encountered later on and are somewhat tougher than Garden Variety Zombies. They will, disgustingly enough, emit a foul odor to lower its opponent's attack to 7/8 of its current level. These monsters have green skin

Wights are the strongest of the group. They have all the abilities of their predecessors as well as the ability to throw blood with double the attack weakening effect of Decompose. Wights have purple skin.