Zombie Dolphin
Zombie Dolphin
Zombie Dolphin with human Zombie carrying it.
First appearance Plants vs. Zombies
Location(s) Backyard Pool
Effective weapon(s) Tangle-Kelp
Spoils Occasionally money

Zombie Dolphin are the companion of a certain variety of zombies in the video game Plants vs. Zombies.

Profile Edit

After the homeowner has effectively defended his or her front lawn from the onslaught of zombies for long enough, they decide to take their chances with the back yard, where the homeowner's swimming pool is located. Apparently, some of these zombies seem to dislike swimming, deciding instead to ride things such as duck-themed inner tubes (A task many zombies apparently find to beyond their intellectual, psychological or emotional limits.) However, some zombies decide to ride dolphins, an extremely fast and versatile sea mammal. Teaming up with a human zombie,(being zombies themselves, which might explain their shockingly high tolerance to chlorinated pool, as such conditions would cause a dolphin to be unable to open their eyes, and extreme skin irritation) they move much faster than most other zombies, jumping right past the front-most plant, except for Tall-nuts and Tangle Kelp plants.