300px-X Parasites
X-Parasites as seen in an in-game cutscene
First appearance Metroid Fusion
Location(s) Various
Effective weapon(s) Power Beam

X-parasites are a deadly, resurrecting plague from the Metroid Series and are the main enemy and plot basis for Metroid Fusion.

Story Edit

The X are native to the planet SR388, and were once the dominant species, until the Chozo saw them for the severe threat that they are and created a predatory species known as Metroids. Ages passed, and their importance was forgotten, as were the X, and a human military organization known as the Galactic Federation declared them to be nothing more than a violent, dangerous threat, ordering the famed bounty hunter Samus Aran to destroy them all from the very planet the Chozo put them on. Little did Samus or the Federation know that eventually, the X, a greater threat to galactic civilization would grow strong again. As luck would have it, after destroying What Samus thought to be the last Metroid, the Queen, an egg was discovered, and a Baby Metroid hatched not yet dangerous or violent. After it's destruction at the hands of Mother Brain, the X emerged on SR388, not long after this happened, Samus went on a brief mission to the planet, and was attacked by an X that absorbed into her, and quickly multiplied. after passing out and nearly dying in a ship crash, she was given immediate medical attention. Just as the doctors prepared for an extremely risky surgical procedure, a cure was found, they had learned of the metroids' purpose and used their DNA to make a vaccine, which was prepared and proved successful. Not only did it wipe out every last X inside her, but wired the Metroid DNA into her own, making her the last, and greatest weapon against the X, though this was not discovered until later. She was given a new power suit, as the old one was still covered in X and sent to a research station for study. on said ship was an alarming explosion, and Samus was sent to investigate, she found that an X was using her DNA that was in her suit to copy her and all her weapons. Even worse, it was multiplying and possessing other creatures on the ship, until they cover the entire station.

Characteristics Edit

X are single celled organisms about half the size of the average adult human able to absorb themselves into another life-form, steal their DNA and kill it. They then take the hosts body and use it for themselves. They are even capable of copying memories and intelligence, but not the soul, as Samus points out. Samus, with Metroid DNA, can absorb the X and use their energy to charge her suits sheilding and reload weapons, however, the X must be in Gelatinous form. To get them into Gelatinous form, Samus must damage them to the point that would have killed the copied animal.