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Game Ratings

Yeah, I know, it seems like I'm procrastinating that Danny Phantom thing, but whatever. I'll review some of the games I played, and maybe the list will build in time, I dunno But let me start with Random Games from three Popular Franchises. First, let me give you my scale by highest to lowest priority.

Control - Is it fun or a rage bringer? I'll rate it 1-5 with 5 being perfect fluid movement and 1 being retarded monkey seizure.

Interaction - How well do other elements such as in the game, well, interact with my character, or whatever I'm doing? 1-5, 5 being They interact sensibly and comfortably, 1 being I'm surrounded by a huge retarded monkey seizure.

Story - Is it well written and captivating and consistent and have good plot buildup? 1 - 5, 5 being I'm on the edge of my seat crapping my pants and getting tense enough to make diamonds out of coal in my sphincter, 1 making me ask what the hell is going on and seeing stupid holes everywhere in a nonsense pit of gibberish.

Music - How's that game soundtrack there? 1 - 5, 5 being an orgasmic explosion of musical genius I will never forget for the rest of my life, even after brentalfloss puts hilarious lyrics to it, and 1 is, well, a nightmare of pointless squirps and choop and other cacophonous nonsense.

Graphics - What does it look like? Not at all the most important, but you want to see what's going on. 1 - 5, 5 being a grand scheme of brilliance and crystal clear imagery, 1 being barf on a screen.

Super Mario Bros.

A classic among classics among classics., you can't call yourself a real gamer without playing this at least once and expect not to get your ass kicked and then a space invader branded on it.

Control - Mario (or Luigi) runs like you'd expect, jumps better than you'd hope. But, his fireball upgrade could be a little more rapid, I'd have to say. Moves fluidly despite that on a controller with minimal buttons by Nintendo's standards, this earns a 4.75, a 5 if he'd shoot fire faster. Can only hope, for the 3DS remake.

Interaction - The Goombas and green Koopas seem to have trouble seeing, by that I mean they move in one direction until they smack into a wall whether you're there or not. They'll even jump off a cliff, but enemies get smarter. THey have these sneaky plants that wait until you get on the pipe and bite your ass, then there's these cloud things that throw their...children at you. The hell? Then Bowser is happy to shoot you in the face with fire...FROM FIFTY FEET AWAY! Well, I give this a 3.9, since you get idiots, psychos and telescope-eyed turtles on steroids so it's hard to really gauge this.

Story - Seriously, WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON HERE?! I'm a plumber out to save mushrooms and a princess from TURTLES?! After I fought a giant monkey for my girlfriend named freaking Pauline that completely disappeared. Where am I, a field of bricks? Oh, now I'm in the sewer and then in some more weird mutant mountain junk. Finally I get to what looks like hell with a freaking steroid turtle that dies when I touch an axe, and a mushroom freak tells me I'm in one of eaight castles, and I have to go through all of them to find their princess that I didn't know existed for the first three stages, Seriously, can I get a backstory somewhere? Jesus. I hate to diss a Mario game, especially this one, but I have to give the story a 1.

Music - Some of the best I've ever heard on the NES. The castle theme is the only one I don't instantly recognize, but still, after a minute or so, I remember it every time, Might not be as scenic or daze-inducing as the moon level of Duck Tales, but I have to give it a 5.

Graphics - Hey, it's an NES game from 1985, give it a break. I still see what's going on here, even though it weirds me out so for it's time, it wasperfectly acceptable and I have no complaints. Were you expecting A Blu-ray movie? No, this gets a 3. I've seen worse.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

How many people would I piss off if I were to say gaming masterpiece? Only certain Sony/Microsoft fan broods. And I mean the real anal ones.

Control - For a 64 game, Link moves like a dream. You get the controls on the top of the screen Link is a good listener to your button presses. he is a DAMN good swordsman, too. His shooting accuracy jumps past mine while L-targeting, and I'm not too shabby with a rifle. This gets a 5, hands down.

Interaction - Your enemies sure as hell know you're there, Deku scrubs and Oktoroks have brilliant accuracy, which is scary. Some enemies move exactly like Link and one takes that feature to the LIMIT. I feel like this happens a bit too often, so I'll give this category a 4.

Story - This clearly took imagination. Link and Zelda are playing with some serious stuff, and this game shows that that can backfire, giving the ultimate power to the most evil man alive, who then makes what looks like the Bush administration in mid-evil times, before said administration happened. Even side-stories are absolutely perfect. A 5 for sure.

Music - How can I describe this unforgettable orchestration of incomprehensible brilliance using words of a man-made language? Various tracks I've put on my mp3 player without hesitation, every note is perfect, mister Kondo puts even the great John Williams in his shadow. Nintendo realized they could only match it's brilliance level once, so they remix it's tracks with nary a single complaint. Another 5 to say the least.

Graphics - With everything else being the best of the best in this game, this almost doesn't matter at all, but it and Majora's mask were essentially what I thought was the best the N64 had to offer, even still, Nintendo's perfectionists didn't want to stop with their greatest creation, they remade it on the 3DS and made the most amazing thing I've ever seen, graphics equal to a Gamecube or Wii original with another dimension to go. A 4 for the original and 5 for the remake.

Metroid Prime

Must-have for owners of software that can play gamecube games, our attractive female bounty hunter, Samus Aran, is on the alert again.

Control - Unlike in Call of Duty on the DS, where NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO SHOOT STRAIGHT, Samus has brilliant accuracy and the Morph ball is a fast little demon, she'll even shoot in the right diraction if the target is just a tad bit out of your line of fire and the targeting is easy to master. Clearly, Samus is such an elitist, she'll give you a little help, she's nice for someone who has killed more things than you can shake a stick at. Definite 5.

Interaction - If there's one thing you won't find here, it's bad or unrealistic AI. Everything that shoots or attacks will hit you unless you have above average reflexes. This includes giant lava snakes and Space Pirates, and that's saying something when you're controlling an intergalactically famous bounty hunter. I give it a 4.

Story - I'm gonna be honest, not much to say about this one. It starts out that Samus is answering a Space Pirate distress signal for some reason, and she finds the place has gone to hell. Why? I don't know, but it might be due to the fact they have a parasite infestation, so it's basically the space ship version of a Vegas hooker's reproductive system. She finds the mother of all parasites, literally and killing it causes all hell to break loose again, and Samus is down to weak defenses and a pea-shooter, so she goes across the planet getting weapons, so she doesn't get herself mutilated, all the while she hunts down a giant-ass space dragon that killed her parents as well as the mother of all SUPER parasites, then she leaves for vacation or something. Yeah, I'm gonna give this a 3

Music - Oh my dear sweet Eywa, Altman and Flying Spaghetti Monster, the music is PHENOMENAL. The one on the ship might be kinda creepy, but from there on out, you'll be exposed to the perfect balance of techno and orchestration. Phendrana Drifts alone is like taking a nap on a bed of ecstasy and LSD. It gets no less than a 5.

Graphics - Man, it's like your TV just became a portal to another planet that opens in a cute girl's space helmet (speaking of which, anyone notice that you see her reflection if a Charged power beam hits a wall right in front of her or an aeropirate missile hits the ground in front of you? Me gusta). Honestly, I think this is the best looking one in the trilogy, it just looks perfect. A 5 if I ever saw one.

Star Fox:Assault

My introduction to the Star Fox franchise, that I experienced in a video game. Growing up not the richest of them all with space shooters like the Guardian Legend, I had my breath pretty much taken away. Now let's get into it now that I have the ability to use critical thinking.

Control - The Arwing flies like a dream, especially in level one, which I played so many times I don't think my pure instinct would let me lose a life. However, they had to screw it up on the ground mission using the rather un-starfox like controls of Star Fox Adventures, which I regret I bought recently this year (not really regret, but I was not pleasantly surprised by the change.) But at least this time Fox brought a gun to the Earth with him. (Why Lylat thought that little god damn pea-shooter would damage the planet baffles me.) And can find weapons lying on the ground. Stronger ones that almost obey the laws of physics. Oh ho, then you get a TANK. The freaking LANDMASTER. This bad boy from that ever-popular Star Fox 64 makes you proudly say, "F**K YOU, I'M IN A TANK!" and ram everything to hell. So, I'll give it a 4, since the vehicles are so AWESOME. Also, kindly leave multiplayer games to handhelds unless everyone is in the same view, please, programmers.

Interaction - It's average, they see where you are, they're about as accurate as any casual gamer can be. That's about all I can say here. 3.

Story - Man, for a series not as well known for it's story as it's other Nintendo brothers, this game's plot blows your mind. A giant insect colony wants to rule the universe and corrupt other living things to do so. Epic Metroid Prime 3 foreshadowing if I ever saw it. Plus, even Wolf got some awesome lines as usual "When the time comes, don't hesitate, just act." The corruption parts...Pigma's transformation give me the chills, and then the Pepper and Peppy transformation parts almost made me shed a tear. And that was my first game in that series. Man, a 5. Well played, Nintendo.

Music - Kondo, you never fail to disappoint, the rich beauty of every soundtrack set the mood for every level. A 5.

Graphics - Definitely the best I've seen in the series, even compared to SFA, and the graphics were that oddity's only redeeming quality. Mouth movements could use work, though. I give it a 4.


I know this isn't the most popular series out there, but I think it deserves to be. Without further ado...

Control - It's mostly standard for RPGs, but with a few rather good touches added, such as the glorious, Older-Generation-nerd revered diagnal movement. The universal "L" button was nothing if not genius, except a little unexpected. I enjoyed this game greatly, and it's honestly the only one I've completed fully on an emulator. Until Super C, that is. These guys abandoned tradition without losing the feel, worked as amazingly as an RPG could on the SNES, it gets a 5

Interaction - Compared to other RPGs, it's wacky and funny here. Where else will an enemy waste a turn eating a bologna sandwich? And the NPCs come up with the weirdest stuff to say, with one kid saying he joined the zombies and directs you to an evil circus tents, a party member explaining his awkward traits after crashing through the ceiling in a flying saucer, two implied homosexuals who seem to flirt with party characters, monkey trade organizations, and every freaky drug trip in Moonside, how can you not love everyone and every enemy in this game? Another 5.

Story - If you want your mind to explode, this is the game for you. There's no real way to describe how insane it is other than giving it to you straight. A boy wakes up to a meteor crash, and thanks to a time-traveling bee(or not) finds out he's a legendary hero, and must save the universe from an evil alien. That part doesn't sound too original, but it gets better. The alien, Giygas is corrupting the minds of humans and animals just to attack our heroes, who must face zombies, alligators, cabs...signs...anyway, his job is to gather the energy of the Earth so he can claim his true power and defeat Giygas, with the powers of an alien race, along with an innocent girl, a child genius, and young Dalaam warrior. So far, it may be sounding like Dragon Ball Z, but hold on, they have to go thousands of years back in time, to find out that Giygas is being assisted by the leading hero's spoiled next-door neighbor, who unleashes what's best described as a sentient hell, who is utter, pure evil, and at the same time a scared, innocent child, who was forced to become evil by his race while his kidnapped Mother taught him love, which is not allowed, so the contrast of a mother's pure love, and his own race's cold, calculating nature, he led the starman army to destroy the happy, loving world he knew, holding back the love of his twice stolen Mother with tears in his eyes, and is sent into the raging , yet harmonious insanity we see in this game, the tragic, but cold Giygas. With a child going against the odds of the challenges of giygas, and his own potential mental degradation, we learn things about bravery, friendship and love that were possibly not meant for mortal minds. I don't think a 5 does this justice, but it is the highest I can give, I think Nintendo has Shakespeare beat here.

Music - I'm gonna revamp this, I refreshed my memory by playing this game some more recently, and my mind was changed. I was remembering simple blips and beeps, while, for some reason, forgetting truly good emulation of real instruments. Thus, I wasn't able to give this game's soundtrack proper credit, and boy, do I regret that. I clearly hear real electric guitar sounds, woodwind instruments I know exist but cannot hope to spell or remember the name of in Saturn Valley. One is...sorta music, but I would better describe it as nightmare fuel for several lifetimes, except in my case, being the morbid, disturbed, partially sadistic man that I already am. Moving along, there's not much more way my average vocabulary can describe the music in this game, except that Nintendo used what they had, and did it right, giving shout-outs to everyone's favorite classic bands, that sadly is preventing this game from getting a legal re-release in the United States. Come to think of it, since Nintendo of America won't allow commercial circulation under their name, does that make it Public Domain and free to emulate outside Japan? Anyway, I have to give it a 5, as it is very impressive, on a console that directly succeeds the NES.

Graphics - I'll admit that the SNES graphics card wasn't really used to it's full potential here either, but it's an RPG, and you can see what's around you just fine, plus, they managed to work in surprising details, such as circling fly animation, but if that's not animated enough for you, look at some of the battle screens. Trust me. Giving it a 4.

Resident Evil 4

I'm sure none of you are surprised that I am a huge Resident Evil fan. I'm going to score both the regular and the Wii versions here, because I think that was the one that did things correctly here. Also, a mix of a survival horror genre, and my two favorite game companies, Nintendo and Capcom, is just too excellent for words. Those two companies are just the ultimate duo.

Control - Even on the Wii version, you can get the aiming style this game had on the Playstation 2 and GameCube by plugging in a Wii Classic Controller (That actually performs very well if you download Ecco the Dolphin for the Virtual Console.) Now, this is good for sniping, but selct the Wii remote and you get the Wii performing at around its finest for shooting games, especially for a game that Nintendo wasn't programming from its embryonic state. Aside from the Wii remote brilliance actually moving around in this game is a breath of fresh air compared to the first few Resident Evil games, you feel like you're actually controlling a human being here. A 4 to this one

Interaction - Considering that you're against a mob of parasite-infected cultists controlled by a hive mind like ants, Leon has quite the worthy foe in front of him, until he gets the infinite launcher and Chicago Typewriter (Or as I like to call them, hax). As a man of much experience in Zombie games, I was alarmed that, after a point rather early in the game, headshots made matters WORSE. I blast a Ganado's head off, and A tentacle eye blob jumps out and starts swinging a sharpened bone with alarming range. If that wasn't bad enough, the castle brought insect-like protrusions that would BITE LEON'S FREAKING HEAD OFF. And that's added to the chainsaw-wielding nutcases that appeared even before these mutant backup heads showed themselves. And those chainsaw freaks take about ten squillion times as many hits to drop as anything else, but can take you down in a single strike. The main game goes easy with the chainsaw, too, a minigame has the biggest deformed Jason Voorhees-looking double bladed chainsaw flailing living vortex of pure terror that is apparently VERY PISSED about something. Cut and run if you even hear that guy from a mile away. A 5 just for that crazy son of a bitch.

Story - When you have a game this good, the story doesn't have to be, but they wrote an awesome one anyway. Some vigilante is pulled out of a relatively simpler life into this crazy government rescue operation to save his country's leader's daughter from a power-hungry, overly strong maniac who wants to rule the world. Wait, I described the Legend of Zelda. References to the mean green sword-fighting machine's adventures aside, it's awesome when you get down to it. There's this religious cult group called Los Illuminados. Their Leader, Saddler, revived a parasite that controlled the minds of anyone infected like Bees, and plans to spread it across the whole world. Not only that, good old Umbrella Corp want a piece of of the little parasite project, too. Though they still don't like Leon much, well except for Ada, if you know what I mean. And it looks like one of Leon's closest, oldest friends is a double agent between Los Illuminados and Umbrella. The cult even planted a parasite egg in Leon and the President's Daughter, adding more horror to the tense storyline. Giving it a 4.

Music - They've got fitting soundtrack for everything here, and everything here is all kinds of creepy. Lovely. Actually, there are some comforting themes in this game. Who knew a shady gun salesman could create a comforting atmosphere? Giving a 4.

Graphics - Not seeing many flaws aside frome a few image pixel artifacts. The whole deal looks largely realistic and immersing. A 5 for this.

Dead Space: Extraction

I got a request for this series, so here it is.

Control - This was my introduction to rail shooters (except for Link's Crossbow Training), so I had to play a few others before grading it. The aiming is pretty decent, and you can adjust Wii remote sensitivity according to your tastes, and camera shake, which I keep on the lowest setting. That's just how I roll for all games, anyway. All mechanics are fluid. I personally prefer playing on the standard remote setting, not the zapper one. The stasis gun is pretty cool, and the game even has a few cool little puzzles. I give it a 5 for its format implementation.

Interaction - Honestly, enemies are pretty predictable in their attack pattern. For example, A slasher that's raging and flailing will be your priority target. it seems kinda cookie cutter. Friendlies are kinda shallow, except for two called Eckhardt and Weller. Lexine seems kinda helpless, like that blonde girl in Night of the Living Dead. And Nathan (Eerie, he shares my name) seems too based around morals and is too much like a lame comic book hero (but he doesn't share my personality, obviously.) so I give this a 3

Story - Not bad at all, it's kinda like Resident Evil in space. A large rock scientists found is believed to be god by a religious cult group that was started by a guy called Micheal Altman. I don't know about this rock being god, but it does cause some crazy stuff to happen. People are being driven insane with hallucinations and voices in their heads telling them death is a good thing, causing them to become violent. They eventually kill themselves, and then the magic rock mutates them into the ugliest zombies in the universe. They take over the place, causing four people to escape to a spaceship, which has even more zombies. And the girl, Lexine, has an anti-rock-magic spell on her that makes herself and people around her immune to the rock, so the cult wants to hang out with her. It gets a 4

Music - Pretty good, gives the horror in space feeling nicely. A 4.

Graphics - The models all look very human, except the zombies, the environment is very convincing, no complaints, I give it a 5.


I finally managed to play this after wanting to for months.

Control - FPS style is done well here, but I'd prefer it if Chell jumped higher. You get full control of the portal gun, which is one of the coolest video game gadgets ever. Definite 5.

Interaction - Not very many other entities here, except for a buttload of turrets, which have scary good accuracy, but lose it hilariously when simply knocked over. GlaDOS has some of the best one-liners I have ever heard, she's absolutely insane. I give it a 5 for quality over quantity

Story - Awesome yet simple. You're a lab rat of some kind, and you work for Aperture laboratories testing the usefulness of a device called a portal gun, and a human's ability to handle one. Or that's what GlaDOS is supposed to be running, she's actually a psychotic computer that killed everyone, and is obsessed with testing. She decided to kill her last test subject, but fails at every turn, and ends up dying, (or does she?!) and our human survives. A 4.

Music - Only a bit here, but it's quite nice, there's a little radio that appears every once in a while, playing an upbeat tune. And the end credits has a beautiful, yet hilarious and foreboding original ballad. Another 4.

Graphics - Very, very realistic, Everything looks like it was made by human hands. A resounding 5.

Pokémon: HeartGold Edition

I may have misplaced my copy, but my memory is good.

Control - Pokémon games are very complex. I'm not talking about moving around, because it follows classic RPG style. I mean breeding and raising and catching the little monsters. It must take years to program these games. Pokémon have different moods, starting abilites. Teambuilding, collecting and luck. I'd say a 4.

Interaction - Pokémon themselves seem like they're human, more than the actual humans, to be honest. Nothing is more tension-heightening than trying to catch a legendary. Pokémon even fight differently based on how much yours likes you, 5.

Story - I was more focused on getting to gyms to pay much attention to the whole Team Rocket deal. But how random they appear is cool. Once, the rival, that guy everyone names Idiot and the like, helps you fight them. I give it a 4.

Music - Everything is pretty catchy and cheery, except for Lavender Town, which disturbs me on levels I won't explain. Another 4.

Graphics - It's sprites running, what can I say. Well, the sprites are detailed and not severely limited. I'll say 3.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I know I already have a Zelda review here, BUT I DON'T CARE.

Control - In essence, with the right configuration and alignment, it's good, really good. Nintendo made good use of the WiiMotionPlus here. I've heard a lot of complaints about how his swing comes a bit too late after the players, but it really works fine for me. Maybe I adapted to it quick enough that I never had that problem, if so, it was probably when that guy in the Sword training school taught me how to use the sword, or in the newb cave on the way to rescuing the loftwing, but I never had that issue. The aiming, however, man, that could get bad, do not go to the home menu while aiming something like your bow, Link will get some wild hair up hois ass and start aiming wherever the hell he wants. Jerk. Usually, you can press the realignment button a time or two to get yourself back on track, but even when it works, you lose a few seconds' concentration, and with the amount of timing and action in this game, that can still throw you off, and it doesn't work while Link is on his home button freakshow, I'll give this a 4, because they really did try to give this one awesome gameplay, and mostly succeeded.

Interaction - Sweet mother of flying spaghetti monster, some of these enemies are really, really smart. Even the little grunts like Bokoblin can be worthy opponents. The Big old Moblins are still stupid as hell, but enemies finally put effort into self-defense, and it is really fun. Ghirahim is always fun to fight, as creepy as he is. But let's tae a look at some friendly characters. Where to begin...Zelda is as hilarious a character as she's been in her recent streak, pushing Link off a cliff twice, all in good fun, though. Later on, we have a gigantic soap opera on Skyloft, with one of the resident Asshole's cronies crushing on some Girl with a hair-cut distinctly reminiscent of Jimmy Neutron's Mother and the figure of Adele, who ends up rejecting the kid for the biggest Mary Sue in the entire game. But you can give the kid's love letter to a distressed individual in the bathroom. Might I add that LINK had the idea of using the kid's love letter to give to that guy to use as toilet paper? Anyway, the massive amounts of actually somewhat believable domestic issues were made by Nintendo to create these gratitude crystals so a Demon can become human. The single most hilarious situation in my opinion is getting the Item Check lady to fall in love with you to either reject her in the end and get the crystals from her father or pretend to like her back until she thinks you're her boyfriend and get crystals from her ...except that Fi points out that Link sort of develops feelings for her...Link, what are we gonna do with you? I have to give this a 5.

Story - This game apparently takes place before Ocarina of Time, and actually explains a lot of crap that happens in this series. Creation of the Master Sword, why Ganondorf never leaves them all alone (Though that already had an explanation, he was trying to save his people, but his anger turned him into a stubborn asshole) and the list goes on. Other than it getting in the way of gameplay at the beginning, it's actually very well written. I'll give it a 4.

Music - We have ourselves some awesome orchestration, and unlike in Other M, it doesn't feel forced and out of place! Every soundtrack is awesome and goes well with the many atmospheres this game provides. The music in the sky while riding your Loftwing even reminds me of Star Fox: Assault, and that's awesome, definite 5.

Graphics - Surprisingly, this is what originally threw me off for this game, which is saying something, since I don't care about graphics unless I am unable of discerning what I see. Hell, I play the NES and have even played an Atari 2600 game or two. It's not that the graphics are weak or anything like that, they're actually technologically impressive for a Zelda game, it's that they're weird. I like to have a middle ground for a lot of things in a game, Easy versus Hard, Story progression versus Gameplay, but seriously, pick a graphical style and stick with it. I like Wind Waker's cel shading, Twilight Princess's almost Metroid Prime-like feel was good. They should not, however, mix together. It ends up looking...just weird. But I suppose you can get used to it, so it gets a 3.

Metroid: Other M

After Skyward Sword, I figured, why not?

Control - This installment features an actually very unique experience in the Metroid series, attempting to bring back the original Metroid feel after the Prime series we've experienced (Which there was really...nothing wrong with, except for Metroid Prime: Hunters, but I digress). It certainly didn't feel like Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion or Metroid Zero Mission, which I guess was the goal. Actually, I don't think I've personally experienced anything like it. The B button fires her beam as it should, and A jumps around. And if you point the remote at the screen, you get the Prime style First person view, but Samus doesn't walk when you do that. I have no idea why. Regardless, her movement is quick, not exactly what I'd call fluid, you only move in 8 directions, Like in A Link to the Past, but I like that game. Remember how in Prime, Samus would slightly tweak her shots if you were off by just a hair? well, in third person mode, she basically does 90% of the aiming for you, you just have to face her in the right general direction. She's a nice lady. Maybe a bit too nice, but that's for the next couple parts. Gameplay for this one gets a 4 for a surprisingly satisfying and original experience,

Interaction - The enemies in this game are pretty fun to fight. Kihunters and the...moth things... are pretty annoying, but the bosses are challenging. Everyone complains that dodging enemies makes it too easy, but I personally either have trouble doing it in high frequency, or forget the function exists, quite often. Friendly characters mostly keep to cutscenes except for one or two points of teamwork, like against Brug Mass. Adam having to authorise items is understandable for things like the Power bomb, because killing good guys...would be bad. Still I can just imagine the Varia suit thing being Adam saying "Samus, what the hell are you doing, why haven't you turned on the Varia suit yet?" For at least a FUNNY scene. Oh well. I'll give it a 3, because Adam is just an asshole, and Samus is being a tool, for some reason.

Story - I have to say, I think this game was made to shut up the fans going "HURR DURR, WHO IS ADAM DAT SAMUS WUZ TALKING ABOUT IN FUSION, WAS HE HER HUZZBEND?" and stupid crap like that. Anyway, aside that, this game's story is actually *dramatic music* under-rated! It really follows up the plot of Fusion with the Federation Bio-team being very corrupt, and that makes them both feel like real edge-of-your-seat suspense stories. Governments doing shady stuff, and going as far as killing people to cover their tracks is very realistic. Hell, the U.S. Government does it! So basically, they're in this bottle ship that cast a distress signal, and they quickly find out that it's basically Area 51 in space. They've been cloning all kinds of animals, including a fluffy little bunny thing that turns out to be the larval form of an genocidal maniac. It's basically one of the Happy Tree Friends. Then we have the real controversial moment of the story. No, Adam and Samus don't make out, that stays in Fanfiction. Samus basically blue-screens when she meets Ridley. Some call this unrealistic, others say it's the most realistic response she's had thus far. She saw the son of a bitch die like, three days ago, right before the rest of him was blown up by a planet explosion that would impress Majin Buu. The thing is...that's a proper reaction for someone with PTSD except for the couple seconds she turned into a three-year-old, and she's reacted like that in the canonical Manga. Besides, if I saw a gigantic Space dragon that ate my parents, I'd probably s**t my pants, too. Hopefully Samus's suit has a toilet system, and Adam authorised it. I'll give it a 4.

Music - Not too many of the soundtracks are very memorable, mostly because they're often a bit too quiet, and most of them sound too similar. The orchestrated Ridley theme sounds really cool, but I think orchestras are better for series like Star Wars or Zelda. Battling those robot bug things gives us some pretty cool drums, but I can't give the music higher than a 3.

Graphics - Wow, I mean, WOW. This game has BEAUTIFUL graphics. Samus blasts right past the uncanny valley as usual, and everything looks just so polished, perfect and realistic. I have to give it a 5.

Monster Hunter Tri

Ah, a game that lost its popularity as quickly as it got it, from what I've seen lurking the Internet, due to some reason I don't know.

Control - Well, this was definitely not the game's selling point, because although it's better than classic Resident Evil games (I'll get to the first one later), it's a very clunky experience, moving around is okay unless there's, well, monsters. When you attack, it seems like forever before you regain control. And by that time, an enemy will have gotten out of the way too much for you to attack again. Character creation is pretty good, beats Miis by a long shot, but once you've got a whole bunch of armor on, especially a helmet, it really doesn't matter what you look like underneath it. And trust me, you want armor. Stamina gauge I'm used to by now thanks to Skyward Sword, but it can be really annoying if you're not used to it, especially when your character gets hungry, good lord, I feel like I'm controlling a crippled Saiyan when that happens. The freaks eat steaks half their size one after the other And apparently, well-done steaks are much more filling than others, and burnt food can make you cough up invisible turds that make you lose food in your system. Let's get to the inventory system. Oh my God I hate real-time inventories. You remember when the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed one of the Ghostbusters games, complaining about the lack of a pause button? Yeah, that was the NES! The console that, if I'm right, made the pause-button wide-spread! It's a good feature, because what if you have to take a crap, all those god-damned burnt steaks you ate have to get out and take more with them sooner or later! Or what if some idiot bugs you with something? Thank god the Wii has a home button (Please, please don't ever get rid of that, Nintendo!) or you'd be screwed. No pause button. Bring up the inventory, life goes on in the game still. Yeah, you can walk, but when you're up against crap like a Great Jaggi or a Qurupeco, the former of which runs like a god-damn tri-athelete up your ass and can see in 360 degrees, you have to cancel all your menus and run your ass out of there or pull up that home button if you ate too many burnt steaks or went more than five minutes without stuffing your pointlessly-customized face. Of course, you can get used to it, surprisingly, it works well, I was just ranting. Once you get over looking like an asshole sharpening the handle of a hammer, it is a great game. I give it a 3

Interaction - Enemy AI is disturbingly accomplished. I don't care where the hell you are, where larger monsters such as the great jaggi are facing, if they are on the map, they will notice you in two seconds and DESTROY YOU if you're not properly equipped to fight them. Even the little Jaggis are annoying, they can move a lot more fluidly than you do, and half the weapons are hopelessly clumsy unless you have Cha Cha (I'm not even kidding, that's actually the name of an ally) to distract them by pissing them off. It's weird, really, the monsters would rather kill the little dwarf dancing around in the area than the dangerous blood knight hunter beating them to death with a massive hammer or whatever. Actually, I don't blame them at all, the sight of Cha Cha makes me want to kill him, too. Human NPCs are always fun to listen to. The Guild Receptionist woman probably has a crush on your guy, regardless of the gender (I guess Capcom has no issues with Yuri) and the woman selling an item has an OBSESSION with him/her/whatever. Thats beside the fact her shop is for lazy people, as you can find most of her items lying around the forest. I'll give it a 4, because a lot of the enemies are a little too smart to be realistic.

Story - The story conducts itself a lot like Pokemon games do. You do things and complete quests and then you can do other things, and they explain why. It's actually all played out somewhat believably, so I guess it gets a 4.

Music - I have yet to find a track I didn't like. Everything sounds cool. When there's a big event in the village, the music will make you feel like you're in Scotland...about 400 years ago, but that seems to be the time frame this game is set in, minus the strangely advanced bowguns. When you start out going to hunt in the forest, you get a short fanfare that really gets you pumped, definite 5.

Graphics - Man, everything looks amazing in this game. Okay, many NPCs seem to have a face, but just go into Moga Forest at night and say that's not beautiful. I have to give a 5.


Videos, well, video I found around Youtube and I think readers might get a kick out of.

What is Earthbound?!

What is Earthbound?!


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Yo, probably not more than five readers, I, for some reason bought a Game Boy Advance Game titled Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy, and I now have to make a page for EVERY GOD DAMNED THING in this game. Thankfully, it has a character Bio section, but WHEE, I get to look for images. This will take a while, with 29 different ghosts in this game. It's basically Luigi's Mansion all over again.--RedeadhunterRedeadContributions Edits 21:20, July 21, 2011 (UTC)


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