In-game screenshot of a Slasher
First appearance Dead Space
Appearances Dead Space: Extraction, Dead Space 2
Location(s) Throughout the entire series
Attack method Slashing
Weapon(s) Arm Blades
Life rating Two limbs must be severed, one or both must be an arm.
Effective weapon(s) Plasma Cutter
Spoils Ammo, Health

Slashers are a form of Necromorph from the Dead Space series.

Profile Edit

Slashers are the most common and basic form of Necromorph. They are humans suitablee brought back by The Corruption. They appear throughout the series and can be considered a staple of the franchise. They can be male or female, and can come in more rotted, stronger varieties.

They tend to attack in hordes, significantly raising their otherwise low threat level. They are characterized by a pair of arms with long blades growing out of them and heavily rotted flesh. They are extremely aggressive, using all their strength to attack anyone uninfected.