Shadows are monsters raised from the dead by mysterious monsters which have different names based off of how powerful they are(Shadow, Phantom, Penumbra, etc.). They are from the DS and Mobile Phone Game Orcs & Elves.


shadows, although half-transparant silhouettes like the monsters that raised them, are essentially the same as their living counterparts, with more or less health and/or attack power. They may also claim some of the same weaknesses of the Shadows that raised them.

The final Boss Kai'Laria has a similar ability to raise the Dead, and raise from the Dead herself, but these are slightly less transparent, distinctly colored with a bluish-purple Aura.

Methods for DestructionEdit

Use any method effective against the normal, living monster's form or a resurrector, depending on the situation.

Shadows can be avoided, if the corpse or Resurrector(s) is/are destroyed. Although, destroying a slime monster's corpse is impossible, forcing Elli to destroy the resurrector.