Portrait Ghost
Neville, the Bookish Father and example of a Portrait Ghost
First appearance Luigi's Mansion
Location(s) Unlit Rooms
Attack method Varies, depending on the Ghost
Weapon(s) Varies
Life rating typically 100, the only exception being King Boo with 500
Effective weapon(s) Poltergust 3000
Spoils Money, Keys, Mario Items

Portrait Ghosts are spectral entities that appear in Luigi's Mansion for the Nintendo GameCube.

Profile Edit

Portrait Ghosts are, as their name implies, the spirits of dead humans (although an infant named Chauncey is revealed to have been born a ghost, and Bogmire shows essentially no human traits) that were captured in paintings by Professor Elvin Gadd, and have somehow escaped and are running about a fake Mansion made by Boos in the area.

The escaped Portrait Ghosts reveal their "hearts" in different cases than regular Ghosts, the flashlight almost never being involved in exposing it. For many cases, they will reveal their hearts in certain parts of their animation cycle. When this is not the case, scanning them with the Game Boy Horror may be necessary to revealing how their hearts can be exposed.

Boss Ghost Edit

In general, Portrait Ghosts come in two varieties, normal Portrait Ghosts and Boss Ghosts. Unlike normal Portrait Ghosts, which simply occupy a room and stay invisible until certain conditions are met, Boss Ghosts will completely warp the area themed by a location of the Mansion. This makes up the battle stage, the rest of the area resembles warped surrealistic space. After the Boss Ghost is defeated, gameplay is returned to normal, and Luigi is called back to E. Gadd's laboratory to deposit all Ghosts Luigi has captured up to that point.

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