Phantoon Other M
Phantoon as he appears in-game.

First appearance Super Metroid
Appearances Super Metroid
Metroid: Other M
Location(s) Wrecked Ship, Control Bridge
Attack method Pyrokinesis,
summoning Rage Hands
Weapon(s) Fire
Rage hands
Life rating 15-30 missiles
Effective weapon(s) Missiles, Super Missiles (Super Metroid)
Power Beam, Missiles
Spoils Restores power to the wrecked ship (Super Metrroid

Phantoon is a boss from Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M

Profile Edit

Phantoon is a usually transparent spirit, first appearing on the wrecked ship found on planet Zebes, his eye is only vulnerable while he is fully opaque. Other times he floats around, dropping balls of blue fire with somewhat noticeable eyes within.

When Phantoon returns to fight Samus, it is far larger. Its fire homes in on her like heat-seeking missiles, vortexes summoning pillars of fire and arms. And Samus'sb target remains the central eye, but it also has extending eyes she must worry about. After taking enough damage, Phantoon explodes in the vaciuum of space.