Melody Pianissima
The Beautiful Pianist
First appearance Luigi's Mansion
Location(s) Conservatory
Attack method Psychokinesis
Weapon(s) Music sheets
Life rating 100
Effective weapon(s) Poltergust 3000
Spoils Key

Melody Pianissima is a Portrait Ghost in Luigi's Mansion

Profile[edit | edit source]

Melody plays the piano in the conservatory. She will reveal herself when she gets into the melody of all the instruments in the room when Luigi activates them. She will play a song from a classic Mario game and ask Luigi to answer a question relating to it. If Luigi answers right, Melody will challenge his other skills by sending music sheets flying at him. She will get distressed should Luigi vacuum them all out of the air, exposing her heart, leaving her open to be vacuumed up by Luigi.

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