Imp Poe
Imp Poe
An Imp Poe
First appearance The Legend of Zelda
Location(s) Specific parts of Hyrule
Attack method Scythe swing
Weapon(s) Scythe
Life rating Three strikes in a row, final one being a version of Ending Blow
Effective weapon(s) Wolf Teeth
Spoils Poe Soul

Imp Poes are smaller versions of Poes and appear only in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They have taken the soul of a man named Jovani, and he was locked in a stationary, golden state. Once Link retrieves 20 fragments of Jovani's soul, he gets a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears. Once Link defeats all the Imp Poes, he gets a silver Rupee.

Characteristics Edit

Imp Poes are completely invisible to normal sight, save for the lantern. The enemy itself is only visible to Link in his wolf form when using his wolf sense ability. When Link's wolf sense is used, they appear as ghostly white rag dolls with scythes and Lanterns. There are a finite total of 56 and appear in both dungeons and the overworld, though in the latter they only appear during nighttime.

Combat Edit

They will attack Link using their scythe, and since they float in the air, Wolf Link must use jump attacks to take them down for the final strike.