Henry and Orville
Henry and Orville
the Twin Brothers
First appearance Luigi's Mansion
Location(s) Twin's room
Attack method Bombing, collision
Weapon(s) Bombs, car
Life rating 100
Effective weapon(s) Poltergust 3000
Spoils Mario's shoe

Henry and Orville are Portrait Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion

Profile Edit

Luigi walks into the twins room, confused at its emptiness. Getting bored of waiting for something to happen, he decides to amuse himself by spinning the helicopter mobile. This gets the attention of the twins who challenge Luigi to a game of hide-and-seek. Still somewhat bored, Luigi accepts, and the twins tell him to wait outside while they hide, which proves rather quick. Luigi returns to the room to find a number of chests in the room. After trial and error proves ineffective, Luigi gets annoyed and tries vacuuming the chests open, and deduces that the chests the twins are hiding will vibrate when vacuumed. This method proves effective, but the twins call Luigi a cheater and attack him in a car and plane. Luigi compromises their vehicles with his vacuum and catches them both in it