Ghost of Starman
Ghost of Starman
Battle Sprite of a Ghost of Starman
First appearance Mother 2/EarthBound
Location(s) Cave of the Past
Attack method PSI Starstorm α and Ω
Life rating 750
Spoils Goddess Ribbon

A Ghost of Starman is an enemy from EarthBound (Mother 2 in Japan).

Profile Edit

Ness and his party, on their quest to claim the power of the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations to defeat the Universal Cosmic Destroyer, Giygas, run into a number of the tyrant's henchmen: The Starmen. Often, Ness has no choice but to kill them in self-defense when they attempt to assassinate Ness in order to keep their master's plan running smoothly. Somehow, a few of the Starmen return in a very formidable ghostly form within the Cave of the Past, very near the Devil's Machine where Giygas is contained, taking 750 points of damage to drop and able to attack with the powerful attack PSI Starstorm, in both alpha and omega levels, the latter being rarer, but far more devastating, these spirits can drain the heroes precious strength, that will be very much needed in the upcoming battle.