Dwarf Ghosts are friendly spirits from the Nintendo DS and Mobile Phone game Orcs & Elves.


As noted by their name, these are the spirits of Dead dwarves who linger in their monster-infested home, the Sentry. They are unable to pass on to the next world due to an evil curse cast over the Sentry by the witch Kai'laria.

Later, the warrior elf Elli, with a talking wand named Ellon, are visiting the King of the Dwarves, Brahm who, like the rest, were killed by Kai'laria and her monster army.

Interaction with the ProtaganistEdit

Since Elli and the dwarves speak different languages, Ellon, who seems to have a history with the Dwarves, translates their words to Elli's Language(though at least either Elli or a few of the Dwarves have some knowledge of the other's Dialect, as Elli can understand the words of two Dwarves when Ellon is briefly stolen by a ratlike creature.)

The ghosts can unlock doors and pass through walls, proving they can influence the physical world in some ways, although they cannot attack very well.