Dark Trooper
Dark Trooper
A rip of two Dark Troopers
First appearance Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Location(s) Various
Attack method GF issue arm cannon
Effective weapon(s) Power Beam

Dark Troopers and Dark Missile Troopers are Zombie enemies in Metroid Prime 2:Echoes.

Story Edit

Dark Troopers are deceased members of the Galactic Federation who were part of a fleet that landed on the unstable Planet Aether. Some crew members stayed close to the ship while others set up a temporary base of operations further toward the place where Samus would, unbeknownst to them, make an emergency landing, and find them dead and zombified by members of a dark race known as the Ing from Aether's extra-dimensional twin, Dark Aether.

Combat Edit

These enemies will slowly shamble toward Samus while firing their arm cannons. Samus can dispatch them using her Power Beam or Missiles.