Cursed Bokoblin
Cursed Bokoblin
This horrifying Bokoblin reanimates after death. Analysis indicates it fears pure, shiny items and will startle at the sight of a sacred shield. It is able to reanimate purely through its hatred of this world...and its attachment to outlandish underpants.
Fi's Analysis
First appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Location(s) Ancient Cistern
Attack method Jumping on Link's back and draining his health
Effective weapon(s) True Master Sword, Sacred Shield, whip, Bombs
Spoils Hearts, Rupees,

Cursed Bokoblins are enemies appearing in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Profile Edit

Cursed Bokoblins are found in the basement areas of the Ancient Cistern where they crawl up from the ground or inordinate amount of bones and shamble toward Link, jumpinmg on his back in a manner suspiciously reminiscent of a ReDead, proceeding to drain his energy. With the Master Sword in it's weakened Goddess Sword State, Link has to complete an ending blow on one to finish them off, or they will never stop reviving themselves. He can use the Whip or a Sacred Shield to make them back away in fear, however, they do have to actually see it. Bombs can dispatch them.

After Link gets the boss key, the statue above them starts descending, lowering a rope for Link to climb, though several Bokoblins will climb up after him, trying to get on his back and shake him off to trap him in the small area forever. Link can fairly easilty shake them off, however.