First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Location(s) Pirate ship on Keelhaul key
Attack method Slashing, stabbing
Weapon(s) Swords, poisonous hook
Life rating 60 (20 in each form)

Cortez is a boss enemy from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Profile Edit

Cortez is the long-deceased captain of a ship lingering in Keelhaul Key, guarding a fabulous amount of treasure including one of the legendary Crystal Stars. Mario, on a quest to find the Stars, encounters Cortez who fights to keep Mario away from the treasure

The battle with Cortez is in three parts. His first form is a full skeleton with four arms holding three swords and a poisonous hook. Mario and his partners must beat him down to his second weakest form, a skeletal snake-like being and finally his strongest form, a disembodied head controlling his weapons telekinetically.

After the fight is over, he informs mario that he never stood a chance and will never take his treasure until learning that Mario merely wanted the Crystal Star, giving it to him willingly due to the fact that he didn't care for it. Cortez later assists Mario by attacking an X-Naut ship and taking him back to the main town of Rougeport. He then stays in the port of the town acting as Mario's main vessel to Keelhaul Key.

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