Ghast (Final Fantasy XIII)
A Ghast Cie'th as seen in-game
First appearance Final Fantasy XIII
Location(s) Various
Attack method Smashing, Claws
Fire (Ghast)
Weapon(s) Claws
Effective weapon(s) Spells

The Cie'th are creatures from Final Fantasy XIII. They are l'Cie who did not complete their Focus in time, and were transformed into these creatures.

Profile Edit

Ghoul (Final Fantasy XIII)

A Ghoul

When a l'Cie does not complete his or her Focus, they are covered in crystal and their hearts are sealed in endless dispair. Cie'th can come in two forms- Ghoul or Ghast. Ghast Cie'th, unlike the basic Ghoul Cie'th, can use the Fire spell to inflict eighty damage upon a single character. Ghoul Cie'th are relatively easy to defeat, but usually attack in numbers. Due to their short line of vision, it is easy to successfully get a Preemptive Strike on a Ghoul l'Cie.

The Undying Edit

The Undying are an extremely powerful group of Cie'th with an unique appearances. They have defied the will of their fal'Cie which subsequently fill them with hatred for everything that lives. These Cie'th appear in Missions in game. The following is a list of the Undying: