Captain Keeta
Captain Keeta
Captain Keeta as he appears in-game.

Appears in:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask




Ikana Graveyard


Arrows, Sword


Summoning Stalchildren, creating walls of fire, hitting, jumping.

Captain Keeta (sometimes known as Skull Keeta) is a mini-boss in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is a giant Stalchild and is found and fought in Ikana Graveyard.


Captain Keeta was the military general for the Kingdom of Ikana and served the Ikana Royal Family. However, when the doors to the Stone Tower Temple were opened, a curse afflicted Ikana, turning most of the inhabitants undead. Keeta and his forces were turned into Stalchildren.

Behaviour in-gameEdit

When Captain Keeta is first encountered, he is lying under a bridge. Link must awaken him by playing the Sonata of Awakening on his ocarina, however Captain Keeta flees and Link must chase him through a valley. He creates walls of fire and summons Stalchildren to hinder and attack Link. If Link can hit him with an arrow, he is stunned and Link can land a few blows, starting the real battle. Link must continue firing arrows to stun him, and then attack him with his sword, and after enough hits Keeta is defeated. Impressed by Link's skills, Keeta gives him the Captain's Hat, which allows Link to command and talk to Stalchildren. The hat can also be used to fool Igos du Ikana, and make ReDeads dance. After giving him the hat, Captain Keeta disintergrates.