Anakin Skywalker's Ghost
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First appearance Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
Titles Jedi Knight, Sith Lord
Sex Male
Homeland Tattooine
Kindred Shmi Skywalker (Mother), Luke (son), Leia (daughter)
Race Human
Affiliations Jedi Order, Galactic Empire

Anakin Skywalker's Ghost is an purchasable character in Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. He costs 1,000,000 lego studs to unlock, making him the third most expensive character in the game.

Profile Edit

Anakin was the chozen one destined to destroy the Sith, but after becoming a Jedi, knowing this made him feel he deseerved more than what the council allowed. His views compared closely to the apparent ones of Chancellor Palpatine, a Sith Lord in disguise, and differed almost completely from the Jedi Order, who showed democratic beliefs, while his were more similar to a dictatorship. He learned the true nature of Palpatine, and realized himself to be in better hands with the sith. He became Darth Vader serving under Emporer Palpatine. Eventually, Anakin realized he lost more than he gained in this new regime, and killed his master, recieving fatal injuries in doing so, finally dying after making peace with his son.

In-game, Anakin's Ghost is completely invisible and invincible, wields a lightsaber and can use the force on lego bricks. Though being outlandishly expensive, his invulnerability makes him an extremely valuable asset in free play mode, even being unhindered by any damage when trying to build lego sculptures (which is a factor for living characters even when the invincibility extra is active.)